Blue to Green

This single-family residence was sold to a low-income family in 2001 for $57,000, foreclosed, and sold by the bank in 2009 for $32,800. The house needed extensive renovation by the new owners: electrical, plumbing, roof, furnace, flooring.

The flat kitchen roof had been leaking for years and had been covered with a tarp.

Note that the tarp color-coordinates perfectly with the tasteful electric blue paint of the house. The gently waving blue filaments of polyethylene add a delicate, playful touch.

Also note the care-free, zero-maintenance natural landscaping. Rural ambiance with urban convenience. 

Doors had been thoughtfully kicked in, providing a convenient method of seeing what's on the other side of the door without opening it. 

No extra charge for this upgrade. But time is limited. Act now!

Halloween fun: The electrical system is ready to electrocute somebody - unless it burns the house down first.

Either way, bring the marshmallows. Crispy!

Leaky pipes plus an unsecured electrical line hanging down to a malfunctioning electric water heater...

Water on the floor plus an electrical short...

What could go wrong?

The kitchen ceiling was starting to collapse due to the perpetually leaking flat roof. Combined with the ancient, non-functional furnace, that means that in the winter, you and your kids could go ice skating in the kitchen.

Fun for the whole family.

But don't delay. This property won't last long!