"It's Showtime!" with Sunny's Mom

Sunny's mom was in show business. She used the stage name Dianne Lovett.

Dianne was a featured performer in several circuses, including the Shrine Circus and Ringling Brothers, Barnum, and Bailey.

Here she's seen in an advertisement demonstrating the strength of a sheet of plywood. The sign on the circus wagon to the right reads:

SUPER Harbord


Guaranteed Weatherproof

Here's Dianne with the Ringling Brothers, Barnum, and Bailey circus wagons in the background.

(To our many critics: Don't get smart with us. Dianne's the one on the right. The pretty one. Also, no off-color comments about the shape of the elephant's lower lip.)

Here are Sunny's maternal grandparents. They lived in Ontario, Canada.

Her grandfather was a miner in a silver mine. The work was hard and dangerous. He died at age 55 of silicosis. 

Here's Sunny's grandfather with their goats in front of the log cabin he built from logs in the forest around them.

Dianne was born in the log cabin, and she loved being around the barnyard animals and the animals in the forest.

When she grew up, Dianne rode the elephants and the horses in the circus.

Dianne also performed as an aerialist.