Boomer and Sunny Fall in Love

Boomer and Sunny met in Downers Grove in 1985.

They moved to a house in Crystal Lake that Boomer's father had inherited from his mother when she died. Boomer's father passed away while Boomer was studying medicine, and the house title passed to his mother. She wanted to sell the house, but it needed repairs and remodeling. So Boomer and Sunny moved in and got the house ready for sale.

In this photo, Boomer is scraping loose paint off the fascia. He only has an aluminum ladder to work with, and he's trying to stay away from the utility wires coming in from the street.

Boomer and Sunny got married at the county courthouse.

Lawyers say that the more extravagant the wedding, the shorter the marriage. Their wedding was very simple.

Boomer and Sunny have been happily married 36 years, in no small part because Sunny is very, very normal.

"Rockin' around the Christmas tree..."

Boomer and Sunny's younger sister are jamming at Christmas during a visit to Sunny's relatives.

Vintage guitars can be worth a lot of money if they haven't been modified. But the first thing Boomer does when he buys an instrument is tear it apart and rebuild it. He replaced the Fender Telecaster's neck pickup with a Gibson humbucker and rewired it.

When he eventually wore down the frets, he replaced the entire neck rather than get the existing neck re-fretted. All that's left of the original guitar is the body, the bridge, and the bridge pickup. Even the plastic pickguard has been replaced with a pickguard made of wood.

If he had left it alone, it would be worth a lot more money. Now it's a Do-It-Yourself Frankencaster. But it finally plays and sounds the way he wants it to. To Boomer, an instrument is just a tool.

A relative was getting married, so they provided free entertainment as a wedding present.