It's a Tribal Thing! 

~ A Dissident Musical Satire in Three Acts ~

"Live! From a basement in America’s favorite ungovernably-diverse, low-income neighborhood..." 

As America goes broke and bonkers, the imaginary Foursquare Neighborhood Band performs a three-act musical review of how we got ourselves into this fine mess; and then details a plan – the American Safe Zones Program – for a peaceful, Czechoslovakian-style Velvet Divorce to get us out. 



Listening Instructions: 

Start with the Prologue.

End with the Epilogue.

The musical satire "It's a Tribal Thing!" runs for 4-1/2 hours. It's broken down into separate parts to make downloading easier. 

Listen in the following order, starting with the Prologue in Part One: 


   1) Prologue

   2) Beginning of Act I

   3) End of Act I 


   4) First Intermission

   5) Beginning of Act II

   6) End of Act II and Second Intermission 


    7) Beginning of Act III

    8) End of Act III

    9) Epilogue


Start with the Prologue.

End with the Epilogue.

Or do whatever you want. It's a free country. (Or at least it used to be a free country. We liked it better that way, too.)

The musical is available for purchase at the usual download stores, and is also available for streaming on YouTube, Spotify, etc.