Pellet Gun Damage

One night shortly after the new windows and siding were installed, Boomer heard banging against the sides of the house.

When he examined the house the next day, he saw that the new siding and one of the new windows had been shot with a pellet gun.

When a pellet gun is fired directly at a window, it leaves a round fracture cone. But when fired at an angle, it leaves an oval fracture cone that points in the direction of the gun.

Boomer followed the direction of the shot and saw that it came from an open window in the house next door

A teenager lived in the house, and he and a younger teen next door had shot at the house from the kitchen window. Boomer talked to the teens' legal guardians (the single mother of the younger boy whose husband had died from an overdose of heroin, and the guardian of the older boy who was housing the boy after his behavior had become uncontrollable at home.)

The two guardians agreed to pay for the materials to replace the broken window and siding. For the labor, they agreed that the two boys would help with the construction of a shed that Boomer and Sunny were building in the backyard.