The Problem House Meets Its Match

 Remember The Problem House? The zombie house with the tree seedling growing out of the roof back in "Welcome to the 'Hood?" The same house that the "Pelley Gun Attack" came from?

Here the tree seedling is again, to the right of center.

The Problem House is about to meet its match.

Here it comes!


Bye-bye tree seedling. Bye-bye kitchen window gun slit.

Take another bite.

The opening directly beneath the jaws was the location of a fuel oil tank. Houses in this area went through multiple heating fuels. For ten thousand years, heat was provided by burning wood. Then it was coal, followed by fuel oil, and today it's mostly natural gas. What comes next?

Modern houses are complex machines with interdependent systems that are expensive to build and maintain. As the era of cheap energy winds down, and as the population dependent on cheap energy contracts, we may eventually insulate, bundle up, and chop firewood. Burning wood is sooty and requires caution, but it's a simple technology that the average human can understand and manage without an army of expensive specialists.

Most people probably won't be able to afford anything else.

But it's worked for thousands of years.