"It's Showtime!" with Sunny's Dad

Sunny's dad was also in show business. His stage name was Sam Lovett, He was a dancer and a European finger billiards champion. He spoke six languages including Hungarian, German, English, and Gypsy. Although he was not a Gypsy, he learned their language and dances while touring with them across Europe.  

Touring the Continent, he saw the "black storm clouds threatening," and came to Canada and then America before World War Two broke out. 

He told his family to get out of Europe while they still could. 

The ones who got out lived; the ones who remained in Europe were killed.

These are Sunny's paternal grandparents. They lived in Hungary.

Her grandfather worked as an upholsterer. He tacked padded fabric to chairs and sofas with upholstery tacks.

They were shot by the Hungarian Nazis and their bodies were thrown into the river.

Sam and Dianne are seen here doing an ethnic dance. Both of Sunny's parents were dance teachers. 

Sam was the president of Dance Masters of Michigan for many years.

It's "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." (Would today's alphabet orgs like OSHA, CPS, and PETA permit this today?) 

Sunny is in her mom's lap, getting accustomed to existing. 

Sunny may have been starting to think: "It seems that the people I'm destined to live with are smart and creative and very nice. But a lot of creative people are also a little wacky. So I need to become very, very normal to help balance them out. I'll write ''To-Do" lists for them so that they don't get too far off track."

Here's Sunny with her mom and dad.